"Manual de calidad ejemplos"

Manual de calidad ejemplos

by: Marquis J.
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The hit point speed of tesla 0. In this update some other changes were also introduced: arena, chest, decks and slots type changes were introduced. The ice wizard damage decreased by 5. Training camp, localization and 3d touch were also introduced in this version of clash royale apk. Death damage can be seen on the screen of cards.

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These changes are the following: the range of x box decreased to 12 from 13. Ejemplks charge speed of prince decreased by 13 also. The damage dr the witch increased by 5. Royale giant was added to the list of common cards. Poison and dark prince were added in the epic cards. The lifetime of tesla decreased to 40 seconds from 60 seconds.

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It means that they wanted to improve the manual de calidad ejemplos to provide more fun and enjoy. Some other changes have also happened in this update: for battles and friendly battles, the gold cost has been removed. The damage from poison decreased by 5. Many bugs that were existed in the previous version was removed. The lifetime of cannon decreased to 30 seconds from 40 seconds. This update was launched on the internet on 29 feb 2016. You can apply for new cards, this was a caludad stuff. You can see that how fast the updating versions were released by the developers of supercell. The damage to royale giant increased to 20.

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Less cost is required for chest gold. Charge speed of dark prince decreased by manual de calidad ejemplos from the previous version. The hit points to princess decreased by 10 in this version. This version was launched on 23 march 2016. The damage manual de calidad ejemplos the giant increased by 5. The hit points related to balloons increased by 5. Three musketeers were added in the rare card. This was the update in which major changes were related to the cards. Legendary was manual de calidad ejemplos to the list of rarity cards.